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Training Workshop in the Nuclear Security Training Center

On January 17-19, 2024, the SPARCS Refresher Training Workshop was held at the Nuclear Security Training Center of the INP. The training was organized by the US Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Office of Nuclear Incident Policy and Cooperation as part of the Kazakhstan-US Energy Partnership.

The purpose of the workshop was to familiarize participants with the Spectral Advanced Radiological Computer System (SPARCS) used on aircraft and vehicles. During the workshop, participants were having the SPARCS equipment demonstration, system setup procedure and equipment maintenance. The workshop was intended for specialists from Kazakhstan state authorities exercising regulatory control, and specialists from nuclear industry enterprises responsible for the radiation control and participating in the radioactive sources search, as well as in eliminating the consequences of accidents involving radioactive materials. As part of the training, US instructors conducted theoretical and practical classes, and field training. Based on the results of the training, 16 Kazakhstan specialists were awarded certificates of successful completion of the workshop.