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The Institute of Nuclear Physics

Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Training of Specialists in Non-Destructive Control

The Scientific-Technical Center for Non-Destructive Testing Methods of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Republic of Kazakhstan (STC NDTM) provides training/re-training courses for the specialists in the area of non-destructive and destructive testing methods. The specialists certified in metal science at the 3rd level of qualification in non-destructive testing work at the STC NDTM.

Training/re-training programs for non-destructive testing flaw detection specialists and the specialists of destructive testing laboratories include the theoretical course and practical exercises using appropriate equipment and control techniques.

At the end of the course and successful passing of exams, the certificate is issued for the relevant training/re-training program. The training/re-training programs for NDT flaw detection specialists and the laboratory specialists are focused on qualification levels 1 and 2 “with or with no right to issue the conclusion”.

The certificate marked “with the right to issue the conclusion” is issued at the request of the Customer, provided that the student successfully passes the extended exam for qualification Level 2.

STC NDTM operates on the basis of the Charter of the RSE “Institute of Nuclear Physics”, taking into account national standards in the area of non-destructive testing and diagnostics of metals, current legislation.


Personnel training/re-training is performed according to ⇒the following testing methods:

  • VT visual inspection
  • PT penetrating substances control (capillary: color, fluorescent)
  • Radiographic control RT (gamma- and X-ray)
  • Interpretation of radiographic images IRT
  • Ultrasonic control UT
  • Thickness measurement ThT (including corrosion and erosion wear, coatings)
  • Magnetic (magnetic particle) control MT

Training/re-training is provided in the groups and individually in accordance with the approved training programs.

It is possible to organize the field programs on the territory of the customer, using the equipment of the customer, as well as taking into account the practical activities of the customer.

Information on the cost of group and individual lessons is ⇒available here.


Scheme of training/re-training process


– submission of the application in the prescribed form;

– conclusion of the Contract;

– provision by the student or his employer of the package of documents according to the Contract;

– provision of the theoretical and practical training/re-training courses;

– qualification exams;

– registration and issue of the certificate in case of successful passing of the qualification exams;

– in case of non-satisfactory passing of the exams, the student has to pass the second exam;

– review of appeals, if received from the listener or his employer;


Any query can be addressed to:

RSE «Institute of Nuclear Physics» 

050032, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty,

Ibragimov str.1.


E-mail info@inp.kz

Head of STC NDTM,

Coordinator of the courses – Ermakov Evgeniy Leonidovich

Tel: + 8 (727)386-68-42

E-mail ermakov@inp.kz

Fax: +8 (727) 386-52-60
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