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The Institute of Nuclear Physics

Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Laboratory of radiation diffusion

Research interests – solid state physics, high-temperature superconductivity, computer generated simulation of radionuclides transfer processes.
Main scientific achievements:

  • Studied interaction processes of fission fragments with model and constructional materials of nuclear power plants
  • Studied the impact of structure and composition of certain model and constructional materials on the behaviour of single atoms of helium and small helium-vacancy complexes in them
  • Studied the impact of external effects (hydric medium, ionized radiation e.t.c) on the structure and properties of high temperature superconductors. Found the increase in transitional critical current with weak interactions on the ytter HTSC ceramics.
  • Performed the computer generated simulation of radionuclides transfer by subterranean waters from Balapan’s nuclear explosions testing grounds with the consideration of hydro-geological conditions.
  • Studied the impact of cation subsystem of proton conductors on the state and behaviour of several gases in them
  • Within the two projects INTAS 99-00636 and 00-00728 works are being carried out on researching the new advanced materials based on complex oxides – high temperature proton conductors and manganites – materials with a gigantic magnetic resistance.

Chief of Laboratory Khromushin Igor Valeryevich