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The Institute of Nuclear Physics

Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Laboratory of ion-plasma technology

Research interests – ion-plasma processes and technologies behind film coatings formation and thin foils, structure and physical properties of the resulting materials.

Main scientific achievements

  • The processes of ion-plasma synthesis and deposition of materials were developed, multifunction magnetron facility “Argamak” was created to form a multi-component coatings and foils;
  • Developed and brought to commercial development in 1996 at the Precious Metals Plant in Ust-Kamenogorsk the ion-plasma technology of application of decorative and protective coatings of precious metals on the state awards. The process is distinguished by high-quality coatings, no loss of precious metals, sanitary and environmental safety.
  • Created the magnetron technology of protective coating of titanium nitride on the working surfaces of tools for metalworking. The use of protective coatings increases the tool life two to three times and improves the quality of the resulting products.
  • Obtained the application experience of titanium nitride coatings in dental practice,
    Получен опыт применения покрытий из нитрида титана в стоматологической практике, which showed the high decorative qualities of products, wear resistance and biocompatibility coatings.
  • Synthesized the superconducting coating (SС) based on niobium nitride, fundamentally developed equipment and created prototypes of ribbon cables with high critical parameters of superconductivity.
  • Created metallic materials from components that are immiscible in liquid and solid states and that do not form intermediate compounds. For example, by doping lead with beryllium or with aluminum it was possible to obtain samples of SC with a substantial rise in the critical current density to a level corresponding to modern SC.
  • Obtained by magnetron method are thin fine-grained foils from beryllium and beryllium materials with increased elasticity and strength. Beryllium foils are suitable for use as protective windows of X-ray detectors with low energy. The structure and phase constitution of deposited foils can be set over a wide range.
  • ISTC K-040C-97 (1997-1999) project contributed to carrying out works.

Magnetron technologies of coat forming and thin foils