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The Institute of Nuclear Physics

Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Laboratory of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

The Laboratory has been created within the Institute’s initiative program “Research of nuclear reactions for astrophysical and thermonuclear applications”.

Research interests – experimental measurements of nuclear cross-sections in reactions with light nuclei and light charged particles in a wide angular range, including those at extremely small and large angles in the energy range of 0.2 – 60 MeV; analysis of experimental data in the frameworks of cluster and collective models looking for reaction rates and astrophysical S-factor of nuclear reactions.

Main scientific achievements

  • The series of research on reaction of radiating capture 9Ве(р, g)10В studying in a wide interval of energy of flying protons was executed.
  • Mechanisms of nuclear reactions, accompanying the interactions of alpha-particles with boron isotopes at the energies of 40 and 50 MeV were investigated.
  • The registration system for the products of nuclear reactions at low and ultralow energies of the accelerated particles was created (consisting of HP(Ge) gamma spectrometer, large-area large resolution semi-conductor detectors, etc.).
  • The new reactionary cell on the cyclotron for measurement of differential sections of nuclear reactions at extremely small and big angles was created.

The head of the laboratory Baktybaev M.G.

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