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The Institute of Nuclear Physics

Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Laboratory of nuclear processes

Research interests

The Laboratory of Nuclear Processes was established in 1972, its scientific Manager is Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor A. Duisebayev.

The scientific area of the laboratory, the experimental and theoretical study of the charged particles interaction processes (hydrogen and helium nuclides) in the energy range of 10-30 MeV\nucleon with nuclei, was formed from the study of the mechanisms of composite particles elastic and inelastic scattering, which results formed the basis for transfer to the large-scale research of relevant issues of nuclear physics: quasi-elastic processes and the processes of pre-equilibrium decay of highly-excited nuclear systems.

The leading nuclear physicists: the winner of the Nobel Prize academician Cherenkov P.A., professor Sliv L.A., Ogloblin A.A., Teplov I.B., Gridnev K.A., Sakuta S.B. were involved in formation and development of scientific programs.

The members of Laboratory team: PhD Leading staff scientist Sadykov B.M., senior laboratory assistant Kurbanova G.V., professor Duisebayev A., Head of laboratory PhD Zholdybayev T.

Main areas of research

The following activities have been completed:

  • The performed studies of elastic, quasi-elastic processes and reactions of 3Не and α-particles at the energies of 34 / 72 MeV in the range of angles 10 / 1700 on nuclei from 4Не to 32S, the effects of “anomalous backscattering” (ABS), “nuclear rainbow”, the role of exchange mechanisms in formation of cross-sections under reverse angle. The determined optimum parameters and values of phenomenological and semi-microscopic potentials of interaction.
  • The studied threshold effects in the reactions (α,p) and (α,d) on carbon and lithium isotopes, the mechanisms of two and three nucleons transfer, the reaction of clusters grab, the selective excitation of many-particles states with large angular momentum.
  • It was found that the relative magnitude of helium nuclides ABS section is determined by the structure of interacting systems, and that this effect in this energy range is expressed most of all in the scattering of α-particles on the nuclei of 1p and start of 2s-1d-shells; it is suppressed in the scattering of 3He. An exception is 6Li nucleus where ABS intensively increases with the 3He energy increase from 50 MeV and above.
  • Established experimental values of d and t – spectro-factors S of 6Li and 7Li nuclei, which were three times less for the excited states than for the main states.
  • Discovered and studied phenomenon of “nuclear rainbow” in the reaction (3Не,α) on nuclei of 1p-shell.
  • For the first time obtained detailed experimental information about the energy and angular distributions of particles with Z≤2, A≤4 in the reactions initiated by 3He ions with the energies of 34.8 and 50.5 MeV on the group of nuclei from 57Fe to 197Au, and from the decay of intermediate composite systems 60Ni*62Cu*64Zn* (E* ≈ 38 and 50 MeV), formed in the reactions on Fe, Co, Ni isotopes by protons, deuterons, 3He and α-particles.
  • Proposed methods for identifying of pre-equilibrium component of the inclusive spectrum, identified character of its formation depending on energy and type of particle in the input channel.
  • Developed version of the exciton model, based on quantum-mechanical Feshbach-Kerman-Kunin formalism, allowing in a common approach to calculate the angular distributions of statistical multistage direct and statistical compounds of the processes and the differential cross sections of their pre-equilibrium components.
  • Determined values of the partial rate of complex particles emission from the multiple-non-bonded states, the studied role of such mechanisms in the reactions of nuclides induced helium.
  • Obtained experimental energy spectra of protons in the range of 4 / 29 MeV, deuterons in the range of 4 / 17 MeV and alpha particles in the range of 6 / 24 MeV in the reactions initiated by 30 MeV protons on the nuclei of 27Al, 56Fe, 90,92Zr, 92Mo, 120Sn, 204,207Pb, 209Bi isotopes, which are the candidates of structural elements of hybrid nuclear energy systems (ADS).
  • The Laboratory, one of the first in the Soviet Union, developed and implemented the experimental multi-dimensional measuring-and-computing system with the program-controlled system of registration and identification of nuclear reaction products on the computer basis of high performance and rapid adaptation to a wide range of nuclear physics research on the beams of accelerated particles in Kazakhstan isochronous cyclotron U-150 M.
  • Experimental cross-sections of the studied reactions are registered in the International Nuclear Data base EXFOR (IAEA).
  • Developed algorithms of experimental data collecting and processing software with C ++, Borland Pascal, Fortran languages.
  • Developed method for registration and identification of the nuclear reactions products by the shape of CsI (Tl) crystal impulse.
  • Developed procedure for identification of alpha-decays in the environment objects using the ionization chamber with a grid.
  • Implemented procedure for measuring the total cross sections of reactions with 4Не ions on 28Si.
  • During the past period, the laboratory staff members have published over 500 scientific papers in prestigious scientific journals.
  • Based on materials of research programs of the Laboratories 5 doctoral and 15 master’s theses were defended.

Duisebayev Alnur

Doctor of physics and mathematical sciences, professor, head of the laboratory. Scientific interests – experimental nuclear physics, mechanisms of nuclear reactions with charged particles, cluster aspects of nuclei, investigation of exotic nuclei properties, alpha radio-activity of environmental objects. Author of more than 200 scientific publications.

Important publications

  1. Duisebayev A.D., Cherenkov P.A., Denisov F.P. Study of 12С(γ,n)11reaction mechanism by recoil nucleus at the energy of photons up to 260 MeV // Nuclear physics.- 1969.- V.9, issue 1.- P.3-8.
  2. Duisebayev A.D., Burtebayev N., Vongay A.D., Glukhov Y.A., Ivanov G.N., Kanashevich V.I., Spasskiy A.V., Teplov I.B., Laptev S.V., Sakuta S.B., Chuev V.I., Ogloblin A.A. Excitement of states with large moment in (α,р) reactions on carbon isotopes //Nuclear physics.- 1976.- V.24, issue.5.- P.873-879.
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  4. Duisebayev A.D., Burtebaev N., Ivanov G.N., Kanashevich V.I., Lichman V.A. Energy spectra of the particles with Z2 from decay of intermediate systems 60Ni*62Cu*64Zn* // Izv.AS USSR, ser.phys.- 1984.- V.48, No.5.- P.1006-1012.
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Head of Laboratory PhD – Zholdybayev T.K.

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