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The Institute of Nuclear Physics

Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Nuclear physics methods and technologies play an enormous role in modern medicine. Nuclear technology is also used to treat oncology. Various countries produce special radiopharmaceuticals – pharmaceuticals that contain radioactive isotopes (radionuclides). They are used to treat inoperable tumors, metastases and their diagnosis, as well as thyroid diseases in endocrinology.

Since last year the RSE “Institute of Nuclear Physics” of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan produces radiopharmaceuticals sodium iodide (131I) for treatment of thyroid diseases, including thyroid cancer. The drug is used to treat patients at the Nuclear Medicine and Oncology Center in Semey, Kazakhstan. The product destroys cancer cells while preserving surrounding tissues.

The history of production of radiopharmaceuticals at the Institute of Nuclear Physics (Almaty) dates back to 1986. That was the year when the first production of the preparation with thallium-201 isotope for early diagnosis of myocardial infarction was organized in the USSR.

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